Get a licence key for Machinese software

Note: The licence keys are host specific and will only work on the computer for which it was generated for.

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The seed string you will have to generate on the computer you want to use once the software is installed. Since the specifics are plaform dependent, please see the correct subsection below. Additional installation instructions can be found in the documentation.

MS Windows

Run Connexor License Manager program and within that application choose the option to generate a seed. After you receive the keyfile from this service, please use the same License Manager program to activate that key.


In order to generate the host and program specific seed information, please run the program (eg. /usr/local/conexor/en/fdg/en-fdg3 or /opt/connexor/fi/mtok/fi-mtok) with command line option --seed. The generated key will be a gzipped tar-archive, to install the key take the following steps with that file:

  1. unpack the archive.
  2. move the actual keyfile ke8 to /usr/local/conexor/lang/fdg3/lang/lib (Machinese Syntax) or /opt/connexor/lang/prog/lang/lib (other products) - replace lang with the correct language code and prog with the abbreviated product name.